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2023 Winter League - Registration is Open!

FLEX LEAGUE  ***Schedule and play when you want each week***

SCRAMBLE LEAGUE  ***Schedule and play when you want each week***


Also, both are FLEX leagues, just make your own tee time. Each league week begins Sunday and concludes the following Saturday. You are responsible to get your round in each week. If you will be gone the whole week, you may play your round a week in advance. Exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances (COVID, etc.). IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO PLAY YOUR ROUND ON TIME, YOU MUST LET QUINN KNOW IN ADVANCE.



1. SCRAMBLE: This is a 9 hole, 2 person scramble league. Teams of 2 match up against the rest of the league each week in a scramble format. The championship will be 18 holes. This is NOT a handicapped league. Both men and women are welcome! Men will play from WHITE tees, Women play from RED tees.

2. FLEX 2-PERSON STROKE PLAY: This is a 9 hole, 2 person, total team net score (after handicap). Your team score will be matched up against the rest of the league. The better your score, the more points to receive for the week. Handicaps are based on league play only, and recalculated weekly. 


All players must have a FREE GOLFZON account to play in a league. Download the app, or go online. Please do this prior to coming to play your first round.

To register, stop in to Ugly Putters and pay the $50 registration fee. Spots are limited, so sign up now! Maybe play a practice round while you’re here!


Feel free to email me back with any questions you have. 


Welcome to the Ugly Putters Golf Leagues 

Just a few notes and reminders as we get the season going!

Thank you!

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